Finding A Luxury Yacht Charter Boating On Rent

A day’s escape from your boring schedule to blue waters surrounding Thailand in a luxurious Yacht Charter will be an amazing idea. If you are really looking forward to an unforgettable sailing experience then Thailand is the place for you. There are thousands of Tour Agents In Thailand who provide Yacht Charter On rent. Deluxe arrangements, quality services, delicious cuisines, exciting water sports and a lot more will undoubtedly relax you completely and make you feel like a king. Following are some of the best ways to find a Luxury Yacht Charters.

You should first plan and make a list of all the that you are looking for in a Yacht Charter like luxury rooms, spa, water sports, food menu, etc. More the facilities, the more will be the price. Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye on your budget.

Collect Useful Information
It is better to consult people who frequently rent Yacht Charter. They can be a good source of information regarding the best models of Yacht, the facilities offered by different companies, the rates of renting a Yacht Charter, etc.

Online Research
To have a rewarding and luxury experience of cruising in a Yacht, you should conduct online research. You can also book a Yacht Charter Online at affordable rates. Because of the number of Yacht Boating Agencies, it would be easy to find a Yacht On Rent. These agencies offer a variety of Yacht Charters in a wide range of models, designs, sizes, etc.

Contact The Agencies
After conducting online research, make a list of the selected agencies that offer Yacht Charter on rent. Contact each agency and find out the best that offers a wide range of Yacht Charters with excellent facilities at reasonable prices. Once you are satisfied with one agency, you are ready to book your Yacht.

There are many Local and Online Yacht Charter Agents that are ready to answer all your queries related to Yacht Charter and Boat Rental Phuket. If you are looking for a reliable Agency which offers Yacht Charter On Rent, then the best option for you is Easy Cats. They offer you a wide range of Yacht Charters to choose from at reasonable prices. They are reputed for their luxurious arrangements and quality services.


Tour The Best Of Thailand On A Luxury Yacht Charter

Thailand is a place where traditional and contemporary, East and West, solitude and exuberance, rural charm and urban pace, all are blended together. Very few countries offer such a rich blend and diversity together. All these things can be best enjoyed with a Yacht Charter, the name synonymous with luxury, style and comfort.

The magnificent landscape, calm rivers, flourishing gardens, fabulous beaches, snowcapped mountains; all allure tourists towards Thailand. Because of its enticing natural beauty, Thailand can truly be termed as tourist’s delight. No matter what draws you towards Thailand, Yacht Charters can add more excitement, comfort, adventure and luxury to your trip to this land.

Decide Your Place & Pace: The best thing about Yacht Charter is that you have the freedom to go wherever you want within the cruising area. It is you who will be making decisions related to your journey. You will be the one to choose your destinations and pace.

Access To Ideal Sailing Destinations: The Eastern Coastline which has a massive stretch of tranquil beaches is an ideal place to sail and lodge in a Yacht. One of the most favored Yachting destinations, Phuket also lies along this coastline. Sailing through Phuket will take you to several beautiful sites. No Island is too far away when you are on a Yacht Charter. Most of the must-visit islands are inaccessible to the people living on the mainland. But, if you have a Yacht then no island is beyond your reach.

Facilities: On a Yacht Charter, you get all the facilities that will make your trip convenient. You can relax and spend some quality time with your loved ones in the luxurious rooms. You can try some adventurous water sports and relish delicious cuisines. By hiring Yacht Charter, you can enjoy all these excellent facilities that can make your trip more exciting.

Privacy: The privacy and independence that you get on a Yacht Charter cannot be enjoyed at Cruise ships. You can spend some quality time with your loved ones and also enjoy the natural wonders at the same time.

There are many companies that offer Yacht Charters In Thailand. Easy Cats is one of them and offers Yacht Charters On Rent at reasonable prices. Crewed Yachts come with a captain for your convenience and security. By hiring a Luxury Yacht Charter you can explore the best of Thailand.

When should i take a Private Yacht Charter?

Private Yacht Charter is the gateway to fun and excitement, especially in a place like Thailand. Thailand is known for its spectacular islands which can best be viewed in a Private Yacht Charter. On a Private Yacht Charter one can enjoy privacy which is not possible on a cruise ship. There are numerous reasons to take a Private Yacht Charter. Some of them are:

Freedom Of Choice: Private Yacht Charter allows one to freely go wherever one wants. The renter has the liberty to decide the destination according to his interest. One can travel at one’s own pace. One can take rest in between and enjoy natural beauty with a cup of coffee.

Comfort: One can relax and take rest in the elegant rooms where all the facilities are provided. Crew members are always there to serve the demands of the renter. The quality services offered by the crew add more comfort to the trip. On crewed Yacht Charters, a captain is there so that one can easily reach the desired destination and a chef is also there to serve whatever dishes are demanded.

Recreation: Recreational activities are also offered on Private Yacht Charters. One can enjoy water sports like water skiing, diving, snorkeling, etc. These water sports are quite adventurous and make the trip more exciting.

Access To Remote Islands: Through Private Yacht Charter In Thailand, one can reach to those islands which are not easily accessible. Private Yacht Charter allows one to freely explore the destinations which are yet an enigma to the people living on the mainland. There are many Islands in Thailand which are ideal for Yachting like, Phuket, Phang Nga Bay, James Bond Island, Phi Phi Islands, Similan Islands, etc.

Privacy: On a Yacht Charter one has the privacy to peacefully enjoy the view of the vast ocean or spend some intimate moments with the loved ones. One cannot enjoy this privacy on a cruise ship or at the beach.

Many Companies offer Private Yacht Charters On Rent. Easy Cats is a trustworthy Company which offers world class Luxury Private Yacht Charters. They are known for providing quality services to the renter. They provide various facilities and one con enjoy water sports, delicious cuisines, luxurious rooms, etc.

Luxury Yacht Charter

If one wants to enjoy sailing through the spectacular Islands in Thailand, surrounded by the beauty of the vast blue ocean, then Luxury Yacht Charters can be the best choice. These Yacht Charters are called luxurious because of the comfort, luxury services and privacy that one enjoys onboard. Having a private space allows one to spend quality time with the loved ones amid the enticing natural beauty of the place.

Why Luxury Yacht Charters?
There are numerous reasons as to why one should go for a Luxury Yacht Charter. Crewed Yacht Charters come with a captain and a stewardess to take care of one’s requirements. One can enjoy sailing with some of the best services onboard. A chef is also there who is ready to serve the requested cuisines. The menu includes many delicious dishes and drinks to enjoy.

Elegant rooms with exquisite interiors are also available where one can relax and refresh. Apart from the cuisines, drinks and rooms, one can also enjoy a lot of recreational water sports like water skiing, diving, snorkeling, etc. Luxury Yacht Charters symbolize all colors of life i.e. relaxation, recreation, luxury, privacy, romance and liveliness.

On Luxury Yacht Charters one has the freedom to sail and enjoy at one’s own pace. It is the traveler who decides the place and pace of the trip. Luxury Yacht Charters allow one to choose and change the destination spontaneously. One can take breaks in between and enjoy the sun set with a sip of favorite drink. No denying, Luxury Yacht Charters make one feel special.

The demand for the luxury Yacht Charters has increased to a great extent in the last two decades. To cater the increasing demands of people, various Yacht Charter Manufacturers make Yacht Charters in a variety of sizes and models.

There are numerous Yacht Charter Rental Companies that offer Luxury Yacht Charters At Reasonable Prices. Easy Cats is one of those companies that provide excellent services in this domain conforming to international standards.

Easy Cats is one of the most reliable companies that offer Luxury Yacht Charter Thailand with all the facilities. All your requirements are fulfilled by the crew members that are ready to serve you at any time. Easy Cats also offer recreational water sports that add more fun and adventure to the trip.

Boat Rental Tips And Safety Information

Thailand is most famous for its natural beauty and sea beaches. It abounds in beautiful beaches and the beauty of these sea beaches can best be enjoyed with a Rental Boat. Thailand is an ideal place for people who love sun, surfing, sand and boating, and if you are looking for an exotic holiday what can be better than an experience of exploring the beauty of sea with a Boat Rental Phuket. Thailand is an ultimate destination for witnessing delightful natural sights. Exploring this Asian paradise creates a powerful effect in minds and the exotic beauty of Thailand is bound to stay with you forever.

Different Types Of Boats
The beauty of Thailand’s sea beaches is best enjoyed on a boat and you can find a range of Rental Boats to choose one as per your need.

  • Yacht- Yacht Charter is the best medium to explore the sea beaches in Thailand. Though it is expensive but luxury provided on yacht will compensate your money.
  • House Boat- House boat is another type of boat that can be hired for enjoying a sea ride. It is an affordable means of enjoying a sea ride.
  • Kayak- Kayak is a small boat made of fiber glass, having paddles to operate it.  Kayak can be operated by two or more people paddling the boat.
  • Pontoon- Pontoon boats are ideal for a family booking. You can easily find a size according to the need.

Rental Tips
Besides knowing the types of Rental Boat, there are some rental tips you should follow before hiring a boat to get safety and comfort.

  • Look For Safety Equipment- Prior to hiring a boat; make sure all the safety equipment like life jackets are there in the boat.
  • Well Maintained Boat- You need to look at the condition of a boat so as to ensure security from damage.
  • Go With A Onboard Radio- Onboard radio is a communication device that can be used for getting directions while sailing.

Considering all these points you can have a safe holiday and enjoy the amazing sea sights of Thailand.

Yacht Charter In Thailand

Thailand is one of the best Southeast Asian tourist destinations. The beauty of Thailand is best experienced through a Thailand Yacht Charter. Spending time on a Yacht might be perfect holiday for a family to spend quality time together. Private Yacht Charter can be a memorable experience for the whole family. The endless sea and the vast open sky can make the adventurous yachting experience memorable for your whole life. You can enjoy sumptuous cuisines cooked by private chef, games, facility to watch movies in a Private Yacht Charter, to add more to the wonderful experience. On a private yacht, you can enjoy things more calmly as there is no rush.

Yachting in Thailand can be enjoyed in Phang Nga Bay in the Andaman Sea. Along with providing a nice place to sail on, Phang Nga is famous for limestone cliffs. You can also enjoying a rich touring experience by visiting Phuket, the largest island in Thailand. Koh Hong Archipelago, Krabi, Phi Phi Islands, Similan and Langkawi are some of the best destinations for a rich Yachting experience.

A Yacht Charter in the above mentioned tourist destinations of Thailand offer opportunities to traveler to indulge in water sports and water activities. Sailing Holidays in Thailand offer the experience of a mesmerizing sunrise and sunset to the travelers. Diverse flora and fauna are some other attractions of Thailand. Some lovely water creatures are sure to raise your excitement beyond imagination. There are Angel fishes, the coral reef, and other water creatures to attract a new visitor. With a number of tourist destinations, Thailand has become one of the most famous Sailing Destinations.

Yacht Charter Phuket offers an unforgettable experience to travelers. The sea, natural scenery and beautiful landscape are sure to bind you with their liveliness. Depending upon the size of the travel group, you can easily get a Yacht meeting your requirement as they are available in different sizes. The facilities provided can be checked online before availing any service.

Things And Sights Not To Be Missed On Phuket Holidays

To rev up your enjoyment on holidays to the highest gear, spend your days in Phuket. It is a hot spot among millions of travelers due to its picturesque sights and beautiful locations. It is the most soothing corner of Thailand. A blend of traditional and modern things will attract you the most. Phuket has a lot of interesting things in store for everyone. Beaches, architecture, coastline, resorts, night clubs, etc. are some of the appealing things of Phuket that will compel you to pack your bags and take a flight to this land of perpetual beauty.

The list cannot be ended by naming few sights, things or spots but there are some spots which are worthy of being mentioned as they have become the reason for attracting travelers from almost every corner of the globe in the past few years.

Phang Nga Bay:
It is a very calm place visited by uncountable visitors every year. You will be swayed away by the gushing of green water of Phang Nga Bay. As a traveler, you will not be able to keep your eyes off the limestone cliffs of Bay which seem to stand like a silent guard of a palace from years without blinking their eyes. The two popular spots of the bay are Koh Panyee and James Bond Island. Koh Panyee is a fishing village which has become a popular spot of various cuisines and sea food. Many travelers visit here for buying beautiful handicrafts. James Bond Island was covered in one of James Bond’s Movies and this has become a reason for travelers especially James Bond’s fans to visit here. Phang Nga Bay Yacht Charter is the perfect way to experience all these wonderful places and to be part of an unforgettable sailing experience. Koh Hong Archipelago, Krabi, Phi Phi Islands, Phukets West Coast Beaches, Similan Islands, Koh Lanta are some other breath-taking places which can be enjoyed to the fullest by a Thailand Yacht Charter.

Old Phuket Town:
Colonial mansion of Baan Chinpracha, Chinese architecture, restaurants and enchanting sights are what the Old Phuket Town is famous for. The Thai Hua Museum is the most renowned spot of this old town.

Buddhist Temples:
Buddhism is the most followed religion here; hence more than 25 Buddhist Temples can be seen in Phuket. Poh Than Jao Wat is one of the famous Buddhist Temples whose Grand Pagoda contains the splinter of Buddha’s bone.

Thai Boxing:
Saphan Hin Stadium of Phuket is famous for hosting Thai Boxing where the martial arts experts perform special arts and fight in the arena.

Apart from these spots, Radar Hill, Kata Karon, Phromthep Cape, Windmill and Khao Rang are those viewpoints of Phuket which are highly blessed with the beauty of nature.  The aura of beauty around Phuket will never let you go somewhere else; hence, make your trip memorable by Renting Crewed Charter Boats and Private Yacht Charter from a booking agency online with first-class facilities on boats at affordable prices. There are number of Boat Rental Phuket therefore, assess them on each and every aspect before any kind of booking.